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Pacific PDS Advisor


Dr. Gridi-Papp

Dr. Gridi-Papp is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of the Pacific. He has been teaching Human Anatomy since 2009 and has also been teaching Comparative Oral & ENT Biology since 2016. In addition, Dr. Gridi-Papp graduated from The State University of Campinas in Brazil.

Words from Advisor
Words From Dr. Gridi-Papp


      Dr. Gridi-Papp, Pacific Pre-Dental Society advisor and an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, shared a few words about how his life is as an advisor and what he hopes students take away from this program. 

      “It’s actually a pretty fun job,” Dr. Gridi-Papp said. “I love my job because I enjoy getting to know all of the students in the program.”

      As an advisor, Dr. Gridi-Papp reaches out to several dental schools to make sure that the University of the Pacific is preparing the students in the right way, in order to succeed further down the road in dental school. He mentors pre-dental students, trying to ensure everyone is on track and providing advice through presentations and meetings.

      “I like the program here because it works,” Dr. Gridi-Papp said. “This is a very fortunate program, where students can grow, learn, and make life-long connections. My job is satisfying because I am part of a program that truly works and helps students succeed.”

      Dr. Gridi-Papp devotes a lot of time towards this program and truly believes that every minute he spends should make an impact on students. He also feels that students do not need to feel pressured or obligated to finish their undergraduate experience in a short period of time, so they can feel more prepared for dental school and life beyond.

       “People come in with this mentality that I absolutely have to be done in 2 or 3 years,” Dr. Gridi-Papp said. “The truth is that nobody else cares.”

      Dr. Gridi-Papp also encourages the collaborative aspect of the pre-dental program and wants students to learn to work together.

      “This is a program that fosters cooperation,” Dr. Gridi-Papp said. “Some students come in with such a competitive mindset that they feel they can only succeed if they beat their neighbor. However, with this program, this is far from the case.”

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