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Common Questions about Pacific PDS

Who Can Join The Pre-Dental Society?

All Pacific undergrads are welcome to join the Pacific Pre-Dental Society, regardless of major.

What Are The Benefits of Joining?

Pacific PDS offers up-to-date information on all topics relevant to pre-dental students, including insider tips that you won't get from official sources! Some of the PDS resources are only accessible by our own members, so you'll gain a huge advantage over the rest of your peers by joining the society. You will receive an insider's view for various dental specialties, meet like minded students, be presented with special members only discounts, and meet the dental admissions committees for a number of top schools across California (including of course Pacific)!

Where And When Are PDS Meetings Held?

Most meetings take place in the Biology Building in Room 101, located on South Campus, about one to two Fridays per month. 

How Do I Join?

To obtain membership, members are required to attend and pay dues by a specified deadline at the beginning of the semester; exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. The membership fee is $25 a semester. These fees cover hosting this website, day to day operations, and organizing events/trips.



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