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Dental Admissions

Before Dental School

Before Dental School Get To Know Your Professors


Before you even think about dental school, you need to concentrate on getting to know the professors at your school. Dugoni requires 3 letters of recommendation: 2 from science professors and 1 from a dentist that is not related to your family. Any science professor is acceptable. It is preferred that on letter of recommendation comes from your professor advisor, but it is not required. Dugoni would much rather see a great recommendation from a science professor who knows you very well than from your advisor that you only talk to once every year. Thus, it is imperative that you get to know at least 2 professors well.

Ideally, you want to know all of your professors well. Before the candidates for interviews are chosen, the professors here at the University of the Pacific and representatives from Dugoni meet to talk about you. Each professor will give his/her opinion on each applicant individually. Thus, the more professors you get to know, the more professors can vouch for you at this meeting.

For additional Information, see our Pre-Dental Requirements Page.

Applying to Dental School

Applying To Dental School



It is crucial that you register your DENTPIN before taking the DAT and applying to dental school through AADSAS. Be sure that all of the information that you use to register is correct and accurate.





Click on the Link below and fill out the necessary paperwork. ADA will email you within one business week regarding information about when you can take the DAT.




Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation


Be serious about the interview, but show that you are excited to be there. If you show that you are amicable, intelligent, personable, and passionate about dentistry, there is no reason that you should not pass the interview. Remember to stay professional and calm.

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